Watermelon Granita

Are you sweating from toes to head? Do you feel like your brain is melting away? Are you tired of that constant heat…then don’t go away because I have a remedy that will help you keep serenity and high levels of energy at the same time!

The secret lies in a cooling ambrosia that can be written in a form of a simple equation:

(Ice + Water) (Ice + Melon) = Granita Squared Watermelon!

Let me convince you why “Watermelon Granita” is the next big thing for hot summer days.

You see…it’s refreshing, juicy, freezing – if you want it to be, sweet but without added sugar and has so little calories you can eat it all day unlike ice-cream!

So, did I grab your attention by now? Great because that’s not the end of good news.

This dessert is an incredibly easy to make and in fact you only need 1 ingredient: watermelon. Well that and a few modern tools such as: blender, knife, fork and a spoon…don’t forget the spoon! Very important.

So, to summarize:

One large watermelon. This is the only ingredient of this dish, so you must choose wisely young warlock. Preferably obtain it from a proven source. I am afraid you can forget about Tesco finest and other high street big brands. Best to check the country of origin, the hotter the country the better the watermelon, I personally recommend buying from suppliers that source their watermelons directly from Turkey or Morocco.

Cut the watermelon in half. Half a watermelon is enough for this recipe, but if you want more or if your watermelon is not big enough, then you can use the whole fruit off. Your watermelon, your rules.

Use a tablespoon and a knife to take the pulp out of the watermelon, and then remove the seeds.
Put the pulp into a blender or bowl and blend it. If everything goes according to plan, you should have obtained the watermelon juice – congratulations achievement unlocked!

Now be brave and use the power of the will to not drink it yet.

Instead, put the juice in the freezer and mix it every half hour. I know sounds troublesome and the entire process should take you roughly 4 hours, but I didn’t make this up – it’s necessary to achieve this wonderful grain consistency.

If you managed to do it all. Congratulations! You are now the happy owner of a juicy, refreshing, sweet and delicious watermelon granita.

Additional prototyping:
For me the taste of the watermelon is completely sufficient, but if you want to enrich it you can add some lime juice, mint, cola or rum. If your watermelon isn’t sweet enough, maple syrup can also help. If you don’t want to use a hand blender, you only need a fork to grind the frozen juice every half an hour. You can serve this granite in the shell of the watermelon like I did for that special wow effect!


As a blogger I get my inspiration from other bloggers / vloggers and you won’t believe who I have met on the day I made my watermelon granita recipe. Did you ever meet one of your favorite vloggers in real life and recognized them? I sure did! It was quite an event for me so I thought I would share that with you. Roxi from YouTube channel (Roxssaurus) was my lucky encounter. We had a nice conversation at a local Homebase store and as I was just too shocked at the time, I didn’t say much 😊.

If you don’t know Roxi yet, I highly recommend her both   channels: Roxxsaurus and Roxi and Matt

Anyway, let me know my dear readers what you are favorite vloggers?

Did you enjoy this post, and do you feel like making your own watermelon granita?

How do you cope with the heat this summer and how if life treating you in general?

As always thank you kindly for visiting my blog, I hope you enjoy your stay and I look forward to bringing you more recipes! Stay cool and carry watermelon granita with you this summer.

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The Last Samurai and violet honey

“The perfect blossom is a rare thing. You could spend your life looking for one, and it would not be a wasted life” said Katsumoto the samurai, a leader of the last remaining Japanese village which hasn’t been yet transformed and industrialized by the western culture.

Perhaps it’s a common perversion but I often find myself to remember nature and food quotes best from any movie or a book I happen to experience in my life. Maybe each one of us seeks his/her own wisdom… or maybe just like the last samurai some of us are feeling trapped and cornered, our ideals sold out, our trust abused and honour dishonoured. Maybe that’s the moment when we should all stop and think for a while, perhaps even consider to search for our own state of mind cherry blossom?

How would it look like and when would you know if you have found one already? If you haven’t watched yet the movie “Last Samurai” then my dear reader, I strongly recommend you to do so and let me know what inspiration have you felt in your heart after watching it in the comments section below.

While I haven’t devoted my entire life, only the whole morning 😉 to find a hundred violets flowers I also seek for my very own cherry blossom. I think part of it consists of this blog where I can channel my passion into new recipe formulas for anyone to try out and find peace in your body with Mother Nature and your inner-self.
Anyway back to the violets which in case you didn’t know smell best in the evening. If you would like to use them in your kitchen, then I definitely recommend the early morning for the harvest-time. Their beauty is really fleeting and they must be used immediately after breaking up, because they wilt very quickly. Furthermore to enjoy them, I transform them into refreshing lemonades, flower ice cubes, add to cakes, or simply administrate in amber dandelion syrup.

This syrup with violets is my favourite and I would love to share its recipe with you today.
If you already know my dandelion honey recipe, or even better yet you are the lucky owner of this golden nectar, you should be already halfway through the implementation of this recipe. The field trip (for me always the most exciting part) is also the most challenging one depending on where you live. You must survey your local area for either the forest or a garden in order to harvest some fresh flowers of violets.
Once you have captured them, you may begin the enchanting process and watch as the magic unfolds in front of your eyes.

Your precious ingredients:
1 jar of dandelion honey from my previous recipe
A handful of flower violets.

Create superb quality honey with nature pure violets of life for your loved ones.
As always I like to keep things really simple whenever possible and let the nature do the work for you and me. All you have to do is put the violets in the jar and …yes wait for it…close it again. The proportions in this recipe are obviously not crucial, but try not to pour too many flowers into one jar and remember that the flowers should be dried and above all fresh. It might seem like a very simple, to say even a trivial trick but I encourage you to leave the violets in your jar for a few days and try that unique flavour with that special aftertaste. Be careful though as water can spoil our honey, so it’s good to spread our violets on a paper towel for a moment so that it will be absorbed by some form of cloth.

If you preserve the violets in honey in such way they will not only retain their beautiful colour for a long time but also extend the honey lifetime for up to a year and that I am speaking from my personal experience. Whether it will last longer than a year though? – that I can’t promise as honey served in such way always attracts a lot of unnecessary attention and if you invite your family and friends often I guarantee you it will not last that long 🙂

Honey Wishes to You

I am very curious what you think about the movie The Last Samurai and what are your favorite flowers and whether you happen to eat them. Let me know in the comments section below.

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Baroque columns as the pillars of Easter hope

Hello and welcome back after a long…long break to my blog. Welcome back in April 2020. This year has started particularly good for the average folk don’t you think? The UK itself has experienced sky-rocket unemployment in the job market, 0% interest rates on the housing market, inflation combined with stagnant wages, Brexit, two hurricanes and the cherry on top – the famous COVID-19 outbreak. I must admit if for the last few months you haven’t really fought for your life then you have missed all the fun that 2020 has to offer but on the other hand I salute you and your peaceful lifestyle.

Considering the above it should literally be no wonder that all the elderly people are especially vulnerable and exposed to this new virus outbreak in comparison to the younger people. Pollution, dirty water & air, Monsanto food and constant avoidance of avocado toast has compromised the immune system of the older generations. Unlike the young generations for which every day is an economic episode of “hunger games for survival” – no amount of amassed wealth and access to the best health care services in the world can save you if your healthy lifestyle hasn’t prepared you for the worst by now.

In fact, if you think that today’s pandemic is something special, I have a small historical fact for you to cheer you up. After reading this post I recommend… you go to Google or Wikipedia and search for a term: “Marian columns in Central Europe”.

What you should be able to find is the information about great baroque columns known as “murrain columns” which are the symbols of different plagues that have affected humanity in the past, each column for a different set of plague. For example, plague epidemic of smallpox, cholera and bubonic decimated and sometimes even depopulated entire cities and the only from of defence at the time was the prayer.

I believe the moral of the story is that humanity was and inevitably always will be affected by various cataclysms and plagues but the one constant that seems to change is the likelihood of our survival therefore let us all focus on boosting our natural immune system with optimism, clean and healthy air, water and food, as well as nature naturally growing herbs and home-made healthy juices for which the recipes you can find on this blog.

Wishing you a very strong immune system and a peaceful Easter, Eva.

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Doomsday clock and datelate

Is it just me or is the outside world turning further and further into an apocalyptic scenario of Mad Max, with a hurricane Ciara blowing across the UK and the Corona Virus reported cases rising every day?
Being a rational citizen that I am, I realize that the doomsday clock is ever so close to midnight while the Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Seeing how this may be the only opportunity that I got, I have decided to share yet another recipe in order to stay at home and pamper myself in a hygge style.
If like me you don’t like be cold temperature I believe this can be a good recipe for a great evening. Today I have for you a heavenly fragrant, colonial adventure filled with silky sweetness. Have you ever heard of what datelate is? If you haven’t than now it’s the time to challenge yourself and try something new in your life! Now more than ever! So run! Run to your kitchen or nearest store for the necessary products. Believe me, you do not want to wait any longer to try this excellent chocolate which has also so much healthy benefits for you!
So to get started … what we need is your favorite vegetable milk, dates, cocoa, cinnamon, vanilla and salt.


Our Precise measurements are:
2 glass of plant milk
6 large sun-dried dates
2 tablespoons bitter cocoa
a pinch of sea salt
vanilla cane
a pinch of cinnamon
Optionally, chocolate shavings, whipped cream or whatever you like.

Pour the milk into a saucepan with a thick bottom along with the other ingredients and heat on low heat for about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Take the drink off the heat and let it cool down a bit.
Pour this into the blender cup and mix until the texture is silky.
Now light your favorite candle, turn on the music and enjoy the best home winter-valentine experience ever.

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Sabrina Spellman’s cleansing smoothie from „Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”

Did you ever watch “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina ” my dear reader?     You see…when I watch the series, I always pay attention to what Hilda does in her kitchen; In fact, you may agree with me that except for the witty black cat named Salem and obviously the spell-casting teenage girl Sabrina, she is probably the most positive character in the show who delivers laughter, nice awkwardness and fair dosage of emotions to the rather dark world of witchcraft. For example, in one episode you can find her preparing a love or a healing potion while in the other she makes more sinister recipes such as cookies with arsenic and almonds or a mysterious green potion in a glass jar.

If you watch the series long enough…you can come to a the conclusion just like me – that she is the true ruler of the house and especially the kitchen area – where like a good mistress she makes sure that her loved ones never ran out of a full meal and magical protection.

Just like Hilda, I and countless other women like to declare the kitchen within the house to be our own private space, a restricted area 51 whereupon entering while cooking a strict border control is enabled where nothing can be touched, moved or transported without our knowledge. Any organized attempt at family cooking effort must be coordinated by the mistress of the house and scared fear for those who think otherwise.

For you see…

It’s the kitchen area in the house where all the magic happens! All the brewing and cooking, all the cutting and pasturing, all the mixing and preserving…all the magic of creation that keeps the house warm, fresh and tasty is located in that very space you simply consider the kitchen. Since every loving woman wants to take care of her loved ones…can’t you see why we are so touchy about this particular space? That’s right…well now you know!

Coming back to our series…I wonder if anyone noticed what was it that Hilda was preparing every morning for Sabrina just before her 16th birthday? Well … it was something that was supposed to clean the temple of bod, as picturesque Zelda described.

The ingredients were quite common really: milk, eggs, rosemary, agrimony, a cupful of vanilla, a pinch of John the Conqueror root, tannis and other herbs from the garden’’, as quoted from the original show.

To put it simply, Hilda was preparing a witch’s cleansing smoothie, i.e. a cocktail that contains plants that help cleanse the body of toxins. Personally, I love green cocktails and I drink them whenever I can, especially in winter and early spring. Winter is the time when our body needs more calories but due to the weather, our menu contains much less fresh vegetables and fruits.  We also drink much less water, because it’s not so hot. All these conditions promote a likely disposition of harmful substances in adipose tissue and the formation of deposits in the intestines. Drinking a green cocktail is a simple and healthy way to detox your body. It is worth using seasonal vegetables and fruits because they provide the most valuable nutrients.

For example, they allow the body to provide the right dose of vitamins and microelements, thanks to which the digestive process is more efficient. But in enough of the science, I am sure you have heard plenty of all the cleansing effects, the antioxidants, and the like…that contribute to efficient detoxification of the body and eliminate the so-called free radicals. Diversity, which supports the whole process, is important in the cocktail diet. Smoothies can really improve the complexion and hair condition, strengthen vitality and supplement vitamin deficiencies. In a nutshell – you will be more beautiful and flourish.

So let’s get down to our new recipe:


A handful of spinach – this is our healthy green base, spinach contains beta-carotene, vitamin C and antioxidants. In addition, spinach is rich in potassium, folic acid and minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, and iron.

1 large juicy mango – is a source of antioxidants and a wealth of fiber, slowing down the aging process, normalizing blood sugar levels and increasing the absorption of iron from spinach and nettle.

1 apple – It doesn’t have to be „malum malus”;), the apple contains insoluble fiber, which supports bowel movements, and soluble – absorbing and accelerating the excretion of toxins.

1/2 teaspoon of spirulina – as a „superfood” it has many valuable properties, including cleansing and immunizing, and is a great solution to give yourself energy and strengthening. It is a vitamin bomb that removes heavy metals from the body and provides proteins

2 centimeters of lemongrass rhizome – brightening the mind, improving concentration and giving a refreshing lemon aroma.

2 teaspoons of dandelion syrup –  it is mainly used to relieve cough, but dandelion honey also cleanses the body of toxins and exhibits antiatherosclerotic (I know one word right, try to pronounce it!) That’s all, making dandelion one of the most versatile medicinal herbs. In addition, ten honey is amazingly delicious and additionally enriches the cocktail with taste. Be sure to see my recipe for this golden potion here.

5 nettle leaves, or a bag of nettle tea – Nettle tea is thought to naturally cleanse the body. It is also used for arthritis, hormonal disorders and anemia, helps get rid of excess water from the body, facilitates returning to proper weight.

5 teaspoons of aloe juice – can also be a pulp straight from the plant. It is an effective way to detox the body. It is recommended for people with digestive and skin problems, it also supports your immunity to viruses and has a positive effect on metabolism and digestive processes.

2 glasses of water

Finally the preparation process:

Put nettle and lemongrass into a cup and pour boiling water for a minute. Strain and leave the essence to cool.

Put all ingredients into the blender cup and mix thoroughly and voliá!

Simple delicious and healthy 🙂

Photo by Asia

(Cat photos  made by Asia)

Be sure to let me know if you dared to try this recipe.

Also, let me know if you would like to see more posts about other smoothie recipes?

What are your favorite smoothie flavors?

And finally…do you like the new version of Sabrina’s adventures?

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Summary of blogging year, Juicy Roots 2019

In 2019 a lot has happened, but not all my dreams and efforts have come positive and true. Maybe it wasn’t my best year ever, however, I can definitely find some short episodes for which I am extremely grateful and I think we should all focus on our small victories and with that in mind march forward to face the new challenges of 2020.
With that being said I also want you to know that I am extremely happy that I decided to go back to writing my blog. It was definitely a good decision for me because it gives me an opportunity to collect my thoughts, practice my English and… I like to think that I am going to leave something positive and open source for each one of you as I go through my life.
It is true that I did not provide you with as many posts as I wanted to, but for each post that you can find on my blog, I try to put my whole heart and soul into the process of writing of it. The ever-increasing number of visits and friendly comments show me that my hard work is appreciated and well… it’s nice to gather all of us around and to see you…nice!
So with all that in mind, I promise not to disappoint you and to write even more content with better quality and I encourage all of us to work hard over our mind, body, and soul so that we can become something greater and stronger than we were a year ago.
Let’s keep up the good fight.
Also for the newcomers, the top 5 most-read posts in 2019 were:
1.Birch juice

Birch juice

2. Your guide to golden healthy Brexit

Your guide to golden healthy Brexit

3. Jam for dummies

Jam for Dummies

4. UK survival outfit for millennial budget

UK survival outfit for millennial budget

5. Get minty this summer

Get minty this summer

Best Wishes & Happy New Year
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Twinkling wonderland in Blenheim Palace

Twinkling lights, the forest shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow, lanterns floating on the lake, a cascade of fireworks above the water, mulled wine and festive music are what you can experience in the  Blenheim Palace park located in Woodstock. I tried to capture for you the great atmosphere in the pictures, but if you have the opportunity to see it live, don’t miss your chance. I highly recommend.

What are your plans for New Year?
If you could, would you like to spend the New Year in Blenheim? Let me know your thoughts.

Happy New Year!


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UK survival outfit for millennial budget

Hello my dear readers!

This post will be short as I wanted to show you something different, something new and exciting and … as you might have already guessed not exactly kitchen related. Today I wanted to show you … why the UK is a small lush island made out of green nature and  girls who wearing fashionable trench coats with big royal hats going all for that detective looking style. In fact I wanted to show you myself in one of these outfits although whether it is cute or not I leave that for you to decide :)… and yes I know, I realize my blog focuses mostly on the kitchen recipes and my personal life experiences and I think rightfully so as many of you keep coming back for more (which makes me so pleased and appreciated btw!), But this winter I just couldn’t stop myself to go outside and take a small private photo session in my regular outfit.

Let’s start with the basics. If you have never been to UK my dear reader then you must know that for most part of the year the weather in UK changes fast and I mean like really, really fast which is why one must always be prepared for unexpected rain, strong winds, occasional rainbows and foggy streets. Because of such atmospheric abnormalities you can sometimes find yourself walking alone on a high street surrounded by bricks and mortars and shady looking characters (your fellow citizens) in shady looking rain coats, their faces covered in polyester fabric with no eye contact being ever made.

In order to keep my head up high and my presence warm and welcoming I have developed this outfit preferences to match the ever growing demands of the British weather daily challenges. I realize actually that this is a historical moment for this blog as just like a magician I am about to reveal the true criminal mastermind behind this little blog. For my loyal readers as well as new ones …. behold as I am about to witness pictures myself!

I decided to wear this trench because in my opinion it is a great classic part of the wardrobe. I am a big fan of timeless clothes that I can wear for many years. Did you know that trench coats were originally used in the military for their durability? I bought this coat 4 years ago in Zara and I actually wear it all year round. It works great in the fall, as well as on cooler summer days and, in combination with a warm sweater, works for me also in the winter.

As for the rest of my wardrobe, I am wearing this year’s skinny jeans from Next, a black blouse also from Next, hat from Primark, five-year shoes from artificial leather which I can no longer read the brand and a 15- year-old belt with an equally mysterious origin

If you are wondering what I am wearing on these pictures, here are the details:
Zara trench (Price is around £100. My model is no longer available because I bought it 4 years ago, but I found several similar in Zara if you want to see here, here, and here ),
Skinny jeans from Next (£ 25 here)
Long Sleeve Top from Next (£ 22 here),
Hat from Primark (£ 10, but I couldn’t find anything similar on their site)

Let me know what you think about my outfit.
How winter looks like in your country?
What is your favourite outfit?
Do you want more of these types of posts?

Looking forward to your feedback!

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Chambord, forest mushroom soup and Japanese cards.

Chambord raspberry liqueur

I haven’t even noticed how it happened, but November has just ended, and soon the whole year will end too. Time is passing by so fast, the new week has just began and before you know it, it’s already Friday, then the weekend and you are back to Monday again. I feel like I have been recently running on a treadmill in a constant loop – my own Groundhog Day marathon.

I mean at the end we finally get to our long awaited weekend, which really doesn’t make a difference as you are either too tired to do anything or too busy trying to catch up on all the matters you didn’t finish during the week that you barely feel any relief at all.

The promise of the information age, the internet, the machines, the computers, the AI… it was all meant to give us more time…I guess the old saying is still valid…the more things change, the more they stay the same.

I had plans for this autumn, for this year… I wanted to take a walk in the park and see the autumn in its full glory with all its leaves and chestnuts, I wanted to make a pumpkin to show you my magnificent pumpkin recipe, I was also investing in precious metals mainly silver and stockpiling for the worst economic collapse in our millennial generation history but…but I guess I will have to postpone it for the next year suffering the losses now as markets are rigged by central banks of the world and their traders in white gloves and black suits.

Do you ever feel my dear reader like you are in control of your own life? I sure don’t. Like a leaf carried away by an autumn wind, I feel…so lost…powerless and pushed around trying to find my own tree to live on. Brexit didn’t happen although it was meant to happen. Recession was meant to happen although it did not happen yet… China trade deal is so great that in fact it doesn’t even exist…Thomas Cook went bankrupt and countless companies in UK fired thousands of people…and we all we saw the riots in London (due to Brexit and poor economy), Barcelona (separation from state), Chile (wealth inequality), Hong Kong (young Chinese people fighting for freedom and lack of economic opportunities), France (the yellow vests movement). The global wealth inequality (forget the income inequality) is so large our societies are beginning to collapse – clear for anyone to see. With the billions of worthless paper printed by the Fed for the repo markets…we are still suffering in this system to this day ”…like leaves carried away by the wind…and all we are is dust in the wind.”

Every day I find myself dreaming about living a simpler life without a never-ending to-do-list, having enough time to decorate a pumpkin at home and to enjoy little things that I have but as always the constant fear of not having enough money takes over…I guess that’s the main characteristic of my generation…never ever having enough money to do anything meaningful like settling down and buying a house or starting a family.

So as I am waiting for the system to change or the economy to restart I try to enrich my life with a simple treats that I am going to share with you. I recently had the pleasure to try the Raspberry Chambord and I am really positively surprised. It may sound strange but in this bottle I have identified the flavors of my childhood. I remember my grandmother processing whole baskets of raspberries into raspberry syrup. She used for this special strange pot, in this pot it was possible to filter raspberry seeds and reduce juice.

The quantity produced wasn’t as much as I have expected, but it was very thick, sweet and intensely raspberry. My grandmother’s syrup tasted like the 100% pure spiritus essence of raspberry and that was the taste I found in Chambord. I would recommend it to anyone who likes juicy sweet liqueurs especially for the upcoming cold winter nights.

Btw, just to clarify my grandmother’s syrup did not contain alcohol.


Chambord raspberry liqueur


Dried forest mushrooms, Ikea bag


Dried forest mushrooms soup

This month I was able to recreate one more taste from the past. It was the taste of an incredibly aromatic mushroom soup made from dried mushrooms. I also associate this taste with my grandmother, who always had a lot of dried mushrooms. My grandfather always brought mushrooms from the forest, and then it was our responsibility to dry them in the sun and during the winter grandma prepared delicious mushroom soups. Returning to the present, however, I was recently lucky enough to get a huge packet of dried mushrooms from the Polish forest. Thank you Beata, they were delicious. And there is something else that I would like to share with you. It’s hard for me to believe it because travel is not part of my life, but in a few days I am flying for one week holidays to Mexico.

It still sounds like a distant dream to me. For now, the universe is throwing logs at my feet in the form of a double shift flight schedule so I am not sure if I will manage to go on the journey after all 😉

If someone from Mexico reads me, or someone who has already visited the place, could you please let me know what I should take with me, what to buy on site and what to visit? My destination is the  Cancun.

Recently, I also started my adventure with buying Christmas cards and one of them delighted me so much. It was a card with a Japanese theme,
made of traditional Japanese paper by a lovely Japanese woman
Yuri McAlen.
I had the opportunity to exchange a few words with her on the Christmas market in Milton and I have no doubt that making these cards is her great passion.
If you want to support her talent and buy someone a unique card I will put her business card under the text.
I bought my card for a friend who is an enthusiast of Japanese culture, but I think everyone would enjoy it. If you want to support her talent and buy someone a unique card I will put her business card under the text.


Japanese Christmas and birthday cards


Japanese Christmas and birthday cards

I would like my blog to be more interactive with a two-way communication dialog. Kindly I welcome all of you to a discussion in the comments section below. Here are some helpful questions that I would like to know your opinion about:


What do you think about today’s economy and what are you trying to achieve in it?

How is your time going by?

What are your favourite childhood flavors that you would like to share?

What do you recommend to take to Mexico trip?

How do you like Yuri McAlen cards?


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Your guide to golden healthy Brexit

The land of the rising sun…where the sun shines bright and the mood is light…well you certainly can’t say that about the UK. To be honest I wonder if you ever could. Perhaps the land of the darkest star, where the moon falls down and the rains keeps raining and raining and raining would be more adequate don’t you think? In fact, it does seem that the mood and the sky are set…rather dark.

Perhaps you have heard a famous Chinese expression: “May you live in interesting timesand while I try to keep my blog about the positive aspect of a healthy lifestyle and diet it is so hard to ignore the upcoming hardships that we will all have to face in the upcoming years to come. The autumn is coming my dear readers and with it: the negative interest rates, political turmoil, lack of respect for Brexit voters, uncertainty, unemployment and of course a poor rainy weather.

Forgive me for dragging you into economics. It’s just that…I need to confess. I want to confess. I am but a simple girl trying to live a simple life and while I try to do things right and live my life responsibly…I do fear about our future my dear readers and for what there is yet to come. My only hope is that every now and then you find some salvation and comfort in your soul as I share with you my small simple recipes, that unlike the modern world, they are not saturated with corruption and greed but with my own experiences, kindness, love, and respect for mother nature and while I know my blog is but a small and unknown oasis…I do welcome you here very warmly. After all every little helps right :)?

That is to say…I don’t know what to do about the inflation, the corruption and all that madness caused by the selfish elite all over the world but if the history can teach us a lesson then it would seem that the gold is always the answer. From time immemorial it has maintained its purchasing value and it always will …long after we are gone which is why I have decided to protect my wealth and health with this shiny philosophy and I hope you shall do the same.

Thus my dear readers, today I present you with the recipe for liquid gold! A philosopher stone of natural medicine, an inflation-inflammatory superhero, the golden smoothie of all the smoothies also known in its milder version as golden milk, which origin comes to us all the way directly from India’s Ayurveda – natural science of health and life. In fact, the term is derived from the Sanskrit – ancient Indian notes estimated to be over 3000 years old where the words ayur, meaning „life” or „longevity,” and veda, meaning „knowledge” derived from.

My dear reader, your health is your greatest asset and it is always better to prevent than to cure, even if the cure tastes a bit bitter… am I right or am I right 🙂 ?

Thus If you ever drank or will ever drink the golden milk then you certainly will know what I mean.  It is really worth giving it a try if you want to hedge your health against the test of time.

The key ingredient of our liquid gold is turmeric plant which is one of nature’s most powerful anti-inflammation fibers and a source of a shiny golden dye. The substance within it known as curcumin works the same as NSAIDs  (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs ) or hydrocortisone, but without the unwanted side effects like stomach bleeding and ulcers. As a natural ingredient it is widely used to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and bring down a high temperature thus golden elixir is also recommended when one is expecting a cold as well as in the prevention of anemia, allergy and rheumatism.

An interesting fact, according to Chinese medicine, turmeric root dries the body of mucilage – thus removing bacterial fauna from your organism which is why you can experience a slight tickling sensation down your throat while you drink it – a bacteria cleansing effect.
Let me assure you, if you indeed experience such a sensation you should not worry about it – it simply means that it is working. Be sure to try this drink, and let me know the effects on your health and body.

Here are the ingredients for the Golden Smoothy Recipe:

  • 1 teaspoon turmeric
  • 3 slices of pineapple
  • glass of water
  • pinch of black pepper
  • piece of ginger
  • few leaves of baby spinach ( optional )


Just put everything in the blender cup and mix together.  Simple right?

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