Watermelon Granita

Are you sweating from toes to head? Do you feel like your brain is melting away? Are you tired of that constant heat…then don’t go away because I have a remedy that will help you keep serenity and high levels of energy at the same time!

The secret lies in a cooling ambrosia that can be written in a form of a simple equation:

(Ice + Water) (Ice + Melon) = Granita Squared Watermelon!

Let me convince you why “Watermelon Granita” is the next big thing for hot summer days.

You see…it’s refreshing, juicy, freezing – if you want it to be, sweet but without added sugar and has so little calories you can eat it all day unlike ice-cream!

So, did I grab your attention by now? Great because that’s not the end of good news.

This dessert is an incredibly easy to make and in fact you only need 1 ingredient: watermelon. Well that and a few modern tools such as: blender, knife, fork and a spoon…don’t forget the spoon! Very important.

So, to summarize:

One large watermelon. This is the only ingredient of this dish, so you must choose wisely young warlock. Preferably obtain it from a proven source. I am afraid you can forget about Tesco finest and other high street big brands. Best to check the country of origin, the hotter the country the better the watermelon, I personally recommend buying from suppliers that source their watermelons directly from Turkey or Morocco.

Cut the watermelon in half. Half a watermelon is enough for this recipe, but if you want more or if your watermelon is not big enough, then you can use the whole fruit off. Your watermelon, your rules.

Use a tablespoon and a knife to take the pulp out of the watermelon, and then remove the seeds.
Put the pulp into a blender or bowl and blend it. If everything goes according to plan, you should have obtained the watermelon juice – congratulations achievement unlocked!

Now be brave and use the power of the will to not drink it yet.

Instead, put the juice in the freezer and mix it every half hour. I know sounds troublesome and the entire process should take you roughly 4 hours, but I didn’t make this up – it’s necessary to achieve this wonderful grain consistency.

If you managed to do it all. Congratulations! You are now the happy owner of a juicy, refreshing, sweet and delicious watermelon granita.

Additional prototyping:
For me the taste of the watermelon is completely sufficient, but if you want to enrich it you can add some lime juice, mint, cola or rum. If your watermelon isn’t sweet enough, maple syrup can also help. If you don’t want to use a hand blender, you only need a fork to grind the frozen juice every half an hour. You can serve this granite in the shell of the watermelon like I did for that special wow effect!


As a blogger I get my inspiration from other bloggers / vloggers and you won’t believe who I have met on the day I made my watermelon granita recipe. Did you ever meet one of your favorite vloggers in real life and recognized them? I sure did! It was quite an event for me so I thought I would share that with you. Roxi from YouTube channel (Roxssaurus) was my lucky encounter. We had a nice conversation at a local Homebase store and as I was just too shocked at the time, I didn’t say much 😊.

If you don’t know Roxi yet, I highly recommend her both   channels: Roxxsaurus and Roxi and Matt

Anyway, let me know my dear readers what you are favorite vloggers?

Did you enjoy this post, and do you feel like making your own watermelon granita?

How do you cope with the heat this summer and how if life treating you in general?

As always thank you kindly for visiting my blog, I hope you enjoy your stay and I look forward to bringing you more recipes! Stay cool and carry watermelon granita with you this summer.

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