Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the beast is a French folk tale that more associates us with Walt Disney than Villeneuve de Barbot Gabrielle-Suzanne.
This is a story as old as the world itself and continually reborn in a new screen versions. The plot is banal and predictable and everyone knows it, but that does not change the fact that it’s a very beautiful story.  B
ella is beautiful and intelligent and the beast reminds us, that beauty can be internal. After all, the most important thing is what is invisible to the eyes. In summary, this is a great family movie with stunning special effects, stage design and costumes.
Emma Watson who most associates me as Hermione from Harry Potter was excellent as Bella.

Did Emma Watson rebelled Belle ?

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St. Patrick’s cake

There is a magical green powder matcha which can change the color of your cake.
If you want to bake the perfect green cake on St. Patrick’s Day just take a few spoonfuls of matcha and the recipe below.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day 🙂

Ingredience :

1 glass of sugar                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     1 and 1/2 glass flour
1 glass of milk with soya or almonds
1/2 glass of oil
the spoon baking powder and baking soda
6 spoons of matcha

Ingredients for buttercream:

2 glass of milk

5 spoons potato flour

4 spoons of matcha

1 margarine




1 Mix thoroughly 1 glass of milk, potato flour and matcha

2 Boil the remaining milk.

3 When the milk in a saucepan start to bubble, pour mixture from ferst glass. All the time accurately and with vigorous stirring and boil again.

4 Reduce the heat and continue slowly, stirring, constantly. cook the pudding until the desire consistency.

5 Cool pudding mix with margarine.

Sponge Cake:

1 Sift the flour, matcha, baking powder and soda. Added sugar, milk and oil. Mix like this until you have a smooth mixture.

2 Bake 40 -50 minutes at 180 degrees.

3 Slice the cake into 3 layers.

4 Spread a buttercream each of the three layers and on the top.

Bon Appetit 🙂

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Into the wild

 Into the wild it is really beautiful and sad story about how it can finish very sensitive person. I remember that when I saw the movie in 2007, I was very impressed and I dreamed about the expedition on Alaska. I saw story about very brave young boy who did not want to live in a world filled with consumption and hypocrisy. Who decided to leave everything he had and went to look for truth, freedom and unbridled nature.
Immediately I have read a book written by Jon Krakauer, which was the basis for the movie, then I watched the movie again and I saw the completely different story.
This time, I saw the not prepared for the life dreamer, who chose escape rather than fight. Chris managed to escape before the world but he was not able to escape from himself.
Although he sought happiness in the solitude at the end he realized that,, Happiness is only real, when shared ”




Let me know what you think about this film.
Do you want to go on Alaska ?

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Red tulips for breakfast

Today is International Women‚s Day 🙂
My food suggestion for this occasion is edible tulips.

The recipe is very simple. You only need to remove the internal edible part, with tomatoes
and replace it with your favorite cream cheese.

You need :
Cherry tomatoes
favorite cream cheese
sticks for skewers


I am very curious how you celebrate International Women‚s Day.
Please let me know in a comment.

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Month of blogging, February 2017

I can describe the February with one word   – CHANGE –
There were a lot changes in my private as well as my professional life. I lost something, something I gained and something I accepted.
It was a very good month, the best for this year, but also the best of the last few years.

Two days off and a short trip gave me breath and strength to the rest of life.                                                                                                                The first flowers are blooming in my garden and the air smells of spring.

I just realized that this year I have not seen snow and I do not miss the winter.
Since I can remember I have always been waiting for the first snow and then I usually walked with my dog to the forest.
I still want to see Alaska and the aurora borealis, I still like the movie Into the wild..
But now the more I am fascinated by Australia and the tropical part of the world.
I would like to spend the whole day on the beach, drink coconut water and try to dive with colorful fish. For now, I just dived in the Baltic Sea. If you like deep, dark and cold I highly recommend it.
This is a very good place for the history enthusiasts who like to explore the wrecks of ships sunk during the war.

Recently I started to write a blog. It was supposed to be my Sunday hobby for relaxation,
but as it turned out it is very addicting and time-consuming, so I do it after hours, usually around midnight.
My blog is imperfect, eclectic and chaotic because this is who I am.
I do a lot of different things and I make a lot of mistakes; I’m trying to be as good as possible but I am aware that the day has only 24 hours and a compromise is necessary.
My blog is not perfect, but if you accept that I would like to share with you my latest posts :

Birthday cake at the beginning

Dates milk shake

Charlie’s chocolate cream

Rhubarb hearts

Panna cotta

Top 3 the best valentines ideas

Fiddler on the Roof and the secret of a successful relationship

The Doors and paste with green peas

Brother bear and fish from the creek trout

Green Crepe Cake


Please let me know how was your month and what do you think about my blog.                                                                                                           

I very much appreciate your opinion and I love when you leave me comments 🙂


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Green Crepe Cake

Just a few days ago I did not even know that there is such a thing as a pancake day;)
Today I want to share with you my recipe for pancake cake and to wish you a Happy pancake day although it is almost midnight 🙂



glass of soy milk

glass of plain flour

3 tablespoon oil

tablespoon of linseed

half teaspoon baking soda

pinch of salt

rhubarb jam to spreds



Mix it all together and make pancakes. With layers of jam and pancakes make cake.


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Brother bear and fish from the creek trout

 From what perspective you see something it depends at which point you currently are. Usually, to understand the different views of another human being you have to travel a long way. That’s what this story is, about a boy which very much wanted to be a man, but before he had to be a bear, and about little teddy bear which also lost something. It’s a very nice tale with a happy ending, actually, there is not even a bad character. I recommend you watch the film and prepare fish from the the creek trout.

2 glasses flour
pinch of salt
teaspoon baking powder
tablespoon of cream of coconut

Mix the flour, salt and baking powder, then add the margarine with cream and knead dough.

2 glasses lentils
2 onions

Chop and fry onions.
Cook lentils and grind in a Meat Grinder
season with salt and pepper.

Make the shape of a fish with lentils and cover it pastry.

Bon Appetit 🙂

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The Doors and paste with green peas

I do not know as you but I’m waiting for the sun. In the meantime I prepare the paste of frozen green peas and I listen to Jim Morrison. It’s healthy, delicious, quick to prepare and of course green.


glass frozen peas – 200 grams

1/2 glass water

tablespoon olive oil

a few leaves of mint or basil
clove of garlic

pinch of salt

a little bit of lemon juice

on top:

chilly peper


Put the the peas and water to the pot and cook for 3 minutes.
Cover the pot and leave it for 5 minutes.
Put the everything to the blender and the paste is ready.



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Fiddler on the Roof and the secret of a successful relationship

I’ve never been a fan of romantic comedies, are boring and predictable. I have never watched this kind of movies and I can not recommend you any. What I have for you to offer it is a beautiful and moving story with a historical background. Simple Life, integrity, tradition and the beginning of the pogrom of Jews in Tsarist Russia. If you do not know yet Fiddler on the Roof it is high time catch up on.


My favorite part



and the most popular part.


Have fun 🙂

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Top 3 the best valentines ideas

If you do not know what to give to your loved one on Valentine’s Day you absolutely need to read it. If you already have a gift and you think that it is good that you definitely need to read this.

  1. Bake the cake
    Use of any recipe for example, this.
    It must be chocolate, caloric, decadent. Just remember that a pinch of love is not enough. You have to put your whole heart into baking, then it will be delicious. Good quality ingredients and oven really help you 😉 Food preparation is really a magical process so have fun! I read about a woman who wrote really peculiar journal. She wrote down there all the meals that she prepared for her husband. Journal also contained notes about his state of health and information which products are best for him. In my opinion this is precisely the love, daily care, thousands of small gestures and routine. Not spectacular words and gestures from time to time.



  1. Adopt a panda
    There are many reasons,  it is white,  black,  Asian and  needs your help. This is an excellent idea if you live in a rented apartment and your landlord does not accept even a goldfish. If you live in a luxurious residence with swimming pool and you have your own yacht it is still a good idea. This adoption did not have any disadvantages. You can avoid cleaning, cooking, morning walks in rainy weather and the search a guardian when you want to go on holiday. All you have to do is fill in adoption form and send regular donations to the WWF. It is worth.
    Of course, this need not be a panda, I have snow leopard and seal with another organization.



3. Save someone’s life

Why not just go on a date to the hospital. Place good as any other, and even better, because there you can do something really good.
All you have to do is donate a little of your blood. Do not be afraid because you have enough of it. It can really help someone. Just  remember to eat a lot of chocolate after.


Have a nice Valentine’s Day.

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