Get minty this summer

Hydration. Detoxification. Mintation. These are key benefits of a simple drink that I am going to teach you today. Get prepared to be hydro-deto-min-tated. The potion recipe is simple and will fit the wallet of every household income. To put it bluntly It’s an opportunity that you can’t afford to miss out on.


I recalled the original recipe by accident. It was hot…I was thirsty…and visiting a popular shopping destination known as Marks & Spencer.  There I saw a drink being sold which reminded me of my own potions that I used to make during long hot sunny summers. Filled with this inspiration I have decided to write this post and help you my dear reader to stay cool as we are going to face the hottest day of this summer. Armed with this knowledge you and your friends will keep their head cool and their bodies fresh, I promise.

Let’s get down to alchemy. We are going to make infused water with fruits, vegetables and herbs. The most basic recipe contains:

  • Water basic ingredient known to humanity for ages, essential for your survival.
  • Your choice of favorite fruit. I chose orange by default to battle summer with summer, the best are the ecological ones riping under the sun of Sicily. (If you are from Sicily, or Orange Country;) then please let me know if this is true, because I usually buy my own oranges in a regular store and they taste great, but who knows maybe they can taste even better.)
  • Herbs (mint, sage or rosemary).


Once you have chosen your favorite fruit or vegetable and herb, put it in the water and wait until the flavors mix together.
If you have no idea what to throw in the water, just follow my recipe.
Sometimes a multitude of possibilities can overwhelm you, so trust me and choose a combination of sweet and juicy orange with a refreshing mint. It’s an excellent choice for hot weather.

Key points to note:

  • Wash the orange well with warm water and a sponge, because you do not want any bacteria to get into your water from the skin. Of course, you can just squeeze the orange juice and forget about the proper washing of the fruit.
    For me, however, beautiful juicy slices of orange and a glass jug is the basis of this recipe and simply I cannot deny myself such a tasty view.
  • The mint is also good to wash (just to be on a safe side) and according to your taste you can use whole mint sprigs or just leaves.
  • Prepared mint and orange pour over water and patiently wait for the infusion process in your fridge to finish. Usually it takes an hour, it depends how fresh the mint is and how juicy was the orange.
    If you do not have the time, just chop the mint, squeeze the orange juice, add water and drink immediately.

I usually make this drink in the evening, to have it ready for the next day morning. Best thing, just put it in a fridge overnight, add a few ice cubes and wake up to it in the hot summer morning.  Mint will do an amazing job to cleanse your body and wake your senses, the effect should stack up with the coffee and keep you refreshed throughout the day. Just make sure you don’t work in a toxic environment as no amount of mint will save you from the office politics  🙂





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  1. I love infusing flavors into the water like this! We have so much mint growing out in the garden so it’s a great way to use some of it. My husband likes to combo the mint with cucumber slices.

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