Baroque columns as the pillars of Easter hope

Hello and welcome back after a long…long break to my blog. Welcome back in April 2020. This year has started particularly good for the average folk don’t you think? The UK itself has experienced sky-rocket unemployment in the job market, 0% interest rates on the housing market, inflation combined with stagnant wages, Brexit, two hurricanes and the cherry on top – the famous COVID-19 outbreak. I must admit if for the last few months you haven’t really fought for your life then you have missed all the fun that 2020 has to offer but on the other hand I salute you and your peaceful lifestyle.

Considering the above it should literally be no wonder that all the elderly people are especially vulnerable and exposed to this new virus outbreak in comparison to the younger people. Pollution, dirty water & air, Monsanto food and constant avoidance of avocado toast has compromised the immune system of the older generations. Unlike the young generations for which every day is an economic episode of “hunger games for survival” – no amount of amassed wealth and access to the best health care services in the world can save you if your healthy lifestyle hasn’t prepared you for the worst by now.

In fact, if you think that today’s pandemic is something special, I have a small historical fact for you to cheer you up. After reading this post I recommend… you go to Google or Wikipedia and search for a term: “Marian columns in Central Europe”.

What you should be able to find is the information about great baroque columns known as “murrain columns” which are the symbols of different plagues that have affected humanity in the past, each column for a different set of plague. For example, plague epidemic of smallpox, cholera and bubonic decimated and sometimes even depopulated entire cities and the only from of defence at the time was the prayer.

I believe the moral of the story is that humanity was and inevitably always will be affected by various cataclysms and plagues but the one constant that seems to change is the likelihood of our survival therefore let us all focus on boosting our natural immune system with optimism, clean and healthy air, water and food, as well as nature naturally growing herbs and home-made healthy juices for which the recipes you can find on this blog.

Wishing you a very strong immune system and a peaceful Easter, Eva.

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  1. Great post, 2020 has definitely been a handful so far and it just decided to start with its own surprises. Hopefully this all ends and we can have normal lives again and not take anything for granted.

    1. Thank you Joan. We can always believe that surprises at the end of the year will only be positive…
      eventually, we will be more hardened 😉

  2. I knew nothing about these columns. But now I am curious to learn more about them. I find European architecture/older buildings so fascinating anyway, since you have so much that is SO much older than anything here in the US…

  3. Hope you had a happy Easter. Yes. 2020 is one for the ages and we’re barely into April. It’s gonna be a long year. Yes, we will recover form all this because of tech advancements but covid19 will alter our way of life permanently in terms of social distancing and mask wearing, I believe.

  4. You are right…humanity has experienced many plagues over the centuries…Coronavirus is nothing new, although it is for this generation. Interesting about the columns in Europe! I would love to see them!

  5. Yes there have been so many outbreaks and pandemics in years past. I think as a species we became 'soft' to it. Especially as you say with poor nutrition, water quality, air quality, pollution… our immune systems are already over taxed.

  6. This is definitely a heart-stopping and crazy year, we’re just on our 4th month but the „exciting” events and happenings just made this memorable. We had a volcanic eruption at the onset of the year. Let’s stay safe and healthy. Happy Easter to you as well.

  7. I truly enjoyed this wonderful, post and your optimism is for sure contagious. God Bless and hope you had an amazing Easter 🙂

  8. yep, I can’t agree more, as much as I hate this but Covid 19 won’t be the last pandemic we will suffer from so keeping healthy and positive are a must.

  9. I did a Google Search on the Marian columns. They are beautiful. I want to read more about them later tonight. Thanks for letting me know. I too, wish you well and joining you in prayer that this pandemic will end soon.

  10. Yeah, Covid-19 is not the first time the world had to deal with an insane pandemic, but for us going through it live, it is straight insane and yes, we have to make sure we all stay super healthy, boost our immune system and also spread human based emotions like joy, empathy and patience!

  11. Yeah, I know we have dealt with so many pandemics and plagues throughout history. I just never thought of one happening to me in my lifetime. Well, I suppose that will change the world in some amazing ways. Not sure I want to dwell on what’s happened in the past though. Although we do need to remember because those who forget about history are always doomed to repeat it.

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