The Last Samurai and violet honey

“The perfect blossom is a rare thing. You could spend your life looking for one, and it would not be a wasted life” said Katsumoto the samurai, a leader of the last remaining Japanese village which hasn’t been yet transformed and industrialized by the western culture.

Perhaps it’s a common perversion but I often find myself to remember nature and food quotes best from any movie or a book I happen to experience in my life. Maybe each one of us seeks his/her own wisdom… or maybe just like the last samurai some of us are feeling trapped and cornered, our ideals sold out, our trust abused and honour dishonoured. Maybe that’s the moment when we should all stop and think for a while, perhaps even consider to search for our own state of mind cherry blossom?

How would it look like and when would you know if you have found one already? If you haven’t watched yet the movie “Last Samurai” then my dear reader, I strongly recommend you to do so and let me know what inspiration have you felt in your heart after watching it in the comments section below.

While I haven’t devoted my entire life, only the whole morning 😉 to find a hundred violets flowers I also seek for my very own cherry blossom. I think part of it consists of this blog where I can channel my passion into new recipe formulas for anyone to try out and find peace in your body with Mother Nature and your inner-self.
Anyway back to the violets which in case you didn’t know smell best in the evening. If you would like to use them in your kitchen, then I definitely recommend the early morning for the harvest-time. Their beauty is really fleeting and they must be used immediately after breaking up, because they wilt very quickly. Furthermore to enjoy them, I transform them into refreshing lemonades, flower ice cubes, add to cakes, or simply administrate in amber dandelion syrup.

This syrup with violets is my favourite and I would love to share its recipe with you today.
If you already know my dandelion honey recipe, or even better yet you are the lucky owner of this golden nectar, you should be already halfway through the implementation of this recipe. The field trip (for me always the most exciting part) is also the most challenging one depending on where you live. You must survey your local area for either the forest or a garden in order to harvest some fresh flowers of violets.
Once you have captured them, you may begin the enchanting process and watch as the magic unfolds in front of your eyes.

Your precious ingredients:
1 jar of dandelion honey from my previous recipe
A handful of flower violets.

Create superb quality honey with nature pure violets of life for your loved ones.
As always I like to keep things really simple whenever possible and let the nature do the work for you and me. All you have to do is put the violets in the jar and …yes wait for it…close it again. The proportions in this recipe are obviously not crucial, but try not to pour too many flowers into one jar and remember that the flowers should be dried and above all fresh. It might seem like a very simple, to say even a trivial trick but I encourage you to leave the violets in your jar for a few days and try that unique flavour with that special aftertaste. Be careful though as water can spoil our honey, so it’s good to spread our violets on a paper towel for a moment so that it will be absorbed by some form of cloth.

If you preserve the violets in honey in such way they will not only retain their beautiful colour for a long time but also extend the honey lifetime for up to a year and that I am speaking from my personal experience. Whether it will last longer than a year though? – that I can’t promise as honey served in such way always attracts a lot of unnecessary attention and if you invite your family and friends often I guarantee you it will not last that long 🙂

Honey Wishes to You

I am very curious what you think about the movie The Last Samurai and what are your favorite flowers and whether you happen to eat them. Let me know in the comments section below.

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22 komentarze

  1. I have not seen the movie the Last Samurai yet. My favorite flower is tulips. And I doubt that they are edible. I have not eaten any flowers yet. But I see them on some salads. I wonder how violets would really taste like.

  2. I haven’t watched the last samurai, as far as I’m curios, i’ll check it out. In regard to the flower, my favorite is daisy, but I don’t have any plans on eating it. HAHA

  3. Haven’t seen the movie yet! Love using flowers in cooking, so many edible ones that it’s a fun way to provide beauty and flavor!

  4. Oh my, I have never tried a violet syrup before, and I also have never watched the Last Samurai, with the expectations of a couple of clips on Youtube. Sounds like I need to try both. I am just not sure I could get violets anywhere around here. Blessings!

  5. I have not watched The Last Samurai, but now that you mentioned it, I will add that to my „must watch” list. I also have not tried adding flowers to honey or tea. It really made me curious to try adding violets to honey.

  6. They look so pretty, I’ve never tried eating violets, but I do have a friend who makes me dandelion honey each year and it’s delicious. Mich x

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